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Easter Sampler [23-03-08]

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Posted March 23, 2008 by admin in Internet

While snooping through Nvidia’s latest drivers, VR-Zone have discovered the GeForce 9300 GE and 9300 GS. “Apparently, Nvidia has decided to drop GeForce 9400 naming and use GeForce 9300 instead. There will be two models; GeForce 9300 GE and GeForce 9300 GS.”

While on the driver topic, the ForceWare 174.70 beta drivers are now available for download. “It was only Tuesday when Nvidia officially introduced the ForceWare 174.53 drivers but today, as the week draws to a close, GeForce owners can step up and already try the ForceWare 174.70s.”

The latest version of SlySoft’s AnyDVD HD can now remove Blu-ray’s BD+ protection. It was only a matter of time… “As part of the BD+ scheme, video may be deliberately corrupted or modified to prevent the ripping of the data stream for piracy purposes.”

The FCC?s auction for the 700 MHz block of the wireless spectrum recently closed, with bids totaling $19.592 billion. “The 700-megahertz spectrum is being returned by television broadcasters as they move to digital from analog signals in early 2009.”

The third installment in The Sims franchise is now official, and will arrive next year. “In the next game, the sims will be able to walk freely around their neighborhoods, visit their pals, and venture to new locations such as City Hall and the local park.”

Speaking of reborn franchises, Guitar Hero: On Tour is coming to the DS this summer. “The game will come with a Guitar Grip peripheral for the portable that will sport only four fret buttons… The add-on will also contain a Guitar Hero pick-cum-stylus that will be used on the touch screen.”

Asus has released their Striker II Extreme, which includes a 790i chipset. “The ROG Striker II Extreme allows gamers to attain this high level of performance with support for 3-way SLI technology in PCIe2.0 mode – allowing users to setup 3 high-end VGA cards running with full x16 lanes.”

Windows XP’s third and final service pack is rumored to arrive this week. “We haven’t heard about Windows XP Service Pack 3 for a while, though. A release candidate version of SP3 came out in late February, but the final release of the service pack is still nowhere to be seen.”

It seems that the iTunes updater has been secretly installing Apple’s Safari browser on windows machines. “The new strategy indicates Apple is taking a more aggressive stance to leverage the broad success it has had with its iPod. Apple says the new Safari is 1.9 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2”

Mozilla’s CEO has responded to Apple’s Safari trick saying ?What Apple is doing now with their Apple Software Update on Windows is wrong. It undermines the trust relationship great companies have with their customers, and that?s bad ? not just for Apple, but for the security of the whole Web.?

Finally, its been confirmed (through endless articles and follow-ups) that Nvidia uses a new clocking method on its 9-series cards, which involves an irregular link between the PCIe and GPU clocks. “The problem with this isn’t so much that the card overclocks with the PCIe bus, it’s actually quite nifty, but that the increased frequency wasn’t reported by the drivers”

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