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Catalyst 8.3 and CrossFireX previewed

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Posted March 1, 2008 by admin in News

As you can see, 3DMark06?s performance improved by 55.9% with a second GPU installed. With a third-GPU in the system, performance increased by 67.8% over a single GPU. And with a fourth GPU added to the mix, performance went up by 71.4%.

Our custom Half Life 2: Episode 2 benchmark was set to tell a more impressive story before we ran into issues. Performance in this game went up by 82% moving from one GPU to two. Then increased by 152% with a third GPU, before stalling with a fourth. We should note, ATI?s internal benchmarks show additional scaling in this game with a fourth GPU, but we didn?t have any luck on our test machine.

If you’re wondering what one HD 3870 and one HD 3850 combined can offer, an earlier preview can be found here (or an even earlier one here).

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