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Archive for March 1st, 2021

Fujitsu unveil 320GB 7,200RPM notebook drive

It will be the fastest in its class, a laptop hard drive, with the capacity of 320GB and a spindle speed of 7200RPM. To be launched by Fujitsu, it?s not the largest laptop hard drive, nor is it the first to be 7,200RPM, however, it?s the first 320GB drive which spins at 7,200RPM. The hard disk drives will be available in June, although no pricing has been made public. The drive will have 16MB of cache, 10.5ms read seek and 12.5ms write seek.

Asus’ HD 3850 Trinity benchmarked

The HD 3850 Trinity has only been exposed to the public for a few days, and already some benchmarks have been presented to us. At stock, the board runs at 668MHz for the core, and 1656MHz for the 1.5GB of memory. When clocked at 769MHz/2106MHz, on an Asus Rampage Formula coupled to a 4.6GHz QX9770 (419x11), the setup scored 94,110 points in 3DMark 03. Lowering the CPU clock to 4.55GHz (455x10) in order to achieve a higher bus, the system then scored 24,909 points in 3DMark 06.

AMD launches new quad-core Phenoms

After a very problematic birth, AMD has finally let loose a bunch of quad-core Phenom processors, as well as released two triple-core chips to OEM's. Not by any means is the line-up complete, though it's still quite a large range of bug-free silicon. The fastest chip launching is the quad-core 9850 clocked at 2.5GHz. This chip is also the only Black Edition in the new lineup, meaning the multiplier is unlocked. Lowering the clock by 100MHz is the 9750, and another 100MHz from that is the 9650, which is an OEM only chip.

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