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Archive for March 1st, 2021

Hybrid SLI back on track for April, first board released

Despite reports regarding a possible delay, Nvidia's Bryan Del Rizzo has told TechReport that Hybrid SLI is still on track for April. He adds that at this time, boards based on the GeForce 8200 chipset will arrive in "mass quantity", along with 780a equipped motherboards to a lesser extent. Zotac have already launched their N73U-Supreme and N73U motherboards based on the 750a chipset, although Hybrid SLI won't function until the correct drivers are released next month.

GeForce 9500 GT detailed

We already know that the low-end segment of the GeForce 9-series will be catered for by the 9300 GS and 9300 GE. We also know (judging by the 8-series) that a 9500 GT will exist, though until now all we really knew was the name. Today, VR-Zone has revealed that the 9500 GT will use a G96 (D9M) core clocked at 550MHz, while its 512MB of GDDR2 memory will operate at 500MHz on a 128-bit bus. There is still no word on pricing, though something under the $100 mark is to be expected.

Nvidia’s quad-SLI officially launched

Over a week has passed since the 9800 GX2 was released, and now Nvidia has given the green light on the quad-SLI reviews. Before we say anything else, nearly every one of the reviews below used a processor clocked too slow, and thus quad-SLI's performance was limited. Another thing all the reviews have in common is the conclusion - the cost of an extra card isn't worth the performance gains. Then again, every company needs to offer an extreme solution for enthusiasts with deep pockets...

Asus preparing triple-core HD 3850 Trinity

CrossFireX may allow three RV670 cores to be used simultaneously, though apparently Asus isn't satisfied. Instead of buying an additional card, they've gone and added the third core to a underclocked HD 3870, and called it the HD 3850 Trinity. This is a very early prototype, and it's undecided whether this board will hit retail. Nonetheless, the board's cores are all watercooled, and they're placed on their own daughter card (two on the back of the PCB, and one on the front).

Radeon HD 3850 X2 arriving quarter two?

AMD is apparently preparing a new dual-GPU HD 3850 for launch sometime in the second quarter, according Fudzilla. Instead of providing a reference design, AMD is passing the research and development side of things to its partners - which considering what Sapphire, PowerColor and GeCube have done to AMD's products in the past, isn't a bad idea. The board's core clocks are yet to be decided, although the memory speeds will be dropped from 1000MHz to 900MHz.

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