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Archive for February 27th, 2021

New fan designed with no moving parts

Besides hard disk drives, the most noise from a computer is from the computer cooling fans, by all means, fans have got bigger and quieter, however some are still very loud, especially when they begin ticking and humming as they get worn out or when the motherboard sets the fans to run at 100% all of the time. However, iTnews Australia, have reported that U.S. based researches have developed a new fan designs which does not have any moving parts. The fan once in use is totally silent.

AMD Live! Explorer released

Earlier this year, AMD showed us a beta release of AMD Live! Explorer, which is an application designed to mimic Microsoft Windows Media Center, but with extra features, awesome 3d effects, and AMD branding. It is designed to compliment AMD Live! PCs. An AMD Live! PC is an AMD Processor, AMD Chipset and an AMD Radeon HD graphics card. Some of the features the user will be able to do is view photos and video on a 3D carousel, and browse the Internet with the built in browser.

AMD denies claims of severe staff cuts

AMD has dismissed several reports stating that an estimated 5% of its staff were laid-off. The rumour seemed to originate from The Inquirer, where a miss-estimation of AMD's quarterly earnings was blamed for the cuts (which apparently affected all segments of the company). When asked to comment, an AMD spokesman got right to the point saying "We did not have a workforce reduction." However, if AMD's Q1 results fail to impress, many expect this speculation to become a reality.

Nehalem desktop board pictured

A motherboard set to house one of Intel's Nehalem desktop processors (codenamed Bloomfield) has been pictured. Cutting to the chase, four memory slots (three being blue, representing triple-channel memory) sit at the top of the board above the LGA 1366 socket. A heatsink covers the ICH10 southbridge, while the Tylersburg northbridge remains bare. The socket 1366, err, socket looks very similar to its predecessor (socket 775), although looks a bit more robust.

AMD preparing HD 3830 for mainstream market

Following the HD 3870 and 3850's rumoured price cuts, AMD is reportedly preparing a new HD 3830, which judging by the provided info, will counter Nvidia's 8600 GTS. As HKEPC report (via TechConnect), the board still uses an RV670 core, and leaves the 320 stream processors intact. What separates the HD 3830 from the 3850 is apparently its 128-bit memory interface - which is half the 3850's. Unfortunately, the board's clocks are yet to be revealed, though expect to pay $119-129.

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