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Archive for March 1st, 2021

Vista SP1 to make an appearance tomorrow

Speculation has surfaced that suggests Vista's first service pack will appear on the Windows Update site tomorrow, or March 18th for those who like numbers. When asked to comment, Microsoft continues to keep its cards close to its chest, stating that SP1 will be available from Windows Update in "mid-March". A different spokesman then added that Automatic Updates won't detect the Service Pack until "mid-April" - though this has been narrowed down to April 18th.

AMD updates Phenom launch schedule

Keeping in mind that the B2-stepping triple-core Phenoms have already shipped to PC builders, along with the quad-core B3 samples, things are slowly getting under way for AMD. DigiTimes has now received word that AMD will debut their quad-core 9850, 9750, 9650, 9550 and 9150 within "1-2 weeks". They add that the B3 triple-core 8750, 8650 and 8450 will join them in April. The highest clocked chip launching is the 2.5GHz Phenom 9850 - slightly south of AMD's intended 2.6Hz.

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