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Archive for February 27th, 2021

A laptop which ionizes the air as it works

The folks over at MSI have been working on a laptop computer, which was demonstrated in the 2008 CeBIT, and the laptop actually Ionizes the air as it is in use. The prototype has created to be a buzz rather than to display something which was meant to be sold, just remember two years ago, when we were to expect ?solar panel laptops?. Obviously, the small fan on the laptop computer cannot purify the whole room, but it does direct it towards the user. There is just one thing left to do, that is, measure the real difference felt by the user and how more ionized the air actually is.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta

We have been informed that Internet Explorer 8 is right around the corner, and Microsoft has released the beta of the new browser. Internet Explorer 8 is available from Microsoft's Beta pages, and is compatible with Windows Vista x64 and x86, Windows XP SP2 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The installation appears to overwrite the IE7 install, it can be later removed, and a reboot is required before the installation is complete.

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