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Archive for March 1st, 2021

PowerColor equip HD 3870 X2 with GDDR4 memory

PowerColor has announced a HD 3870 X2 which boasts GDDR4 memory, and not the GDDR3 all the existing boards have. As a result of the new memory, the clocks have been raised from 900MHz, all the way up to 1125MHz. The PCB arrangement, which includes a relocated PLX chip (the bridge between the two cores), has also resulted in a shorter, less bulky design - much like PowerColor's existing HD 3870 X2's. Launch is scheduled for later in the month.

AMD unveils 780G chipset

Formerly known as the RS780, AMD has taken the wraps off their 780G chipset, which is designed for the HTPC market. The 780G includes a graphics processor dubbed the Radeon HD 3200, which is essentially identical to the RV610 that powers the HD 2400-series. What's more is that the 780G supports Hybrid CrossFire, allowing you to pair a HD 3450 or 3470 with the IGP to boost performance by a considerable amount - in some cases by as much as 70%.

AMD demos 45nm wafers at CeBIT

Today during CeBIT, AMD gave the press an early glimpse of their 45nm processors. Both the "Shanghai" server core, and "Deneb" desktop cores were demonstrated, although only wafers and samples (which were manufactured in Fab 36 in Dresden) were at the show, and no working system was present. Nonetheless, AMD notes that they're on track for production this half, and are set for release sometime in the third quarter - that's if the 65nm Phenoms ever arrive...

Asus reveal new Eee PC with 8.9″ screen

The Eee PC is Asus' ultra-portable, affordable laptop computer designed and optimized for the best internet experience, and modeled around the the three E's; easy to work, play and learn. Although this laptop is miniature, it performs excellently, with a durable, shock-proof solid state design making it easy for all to connect to the internet. The second version of this Eee PC will include a wider screen, larger storage and higher performance. This new Eee PC will debut at CeBIT 2008.

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