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Archive for March 1st, 2021

Razer introduce low-end Salmosa rodent

Razer's recent "Speed of (The) Light" campaign has resulted in a low-end gaming mouse, far short of the flagship we were all expecting. The Salmosa features Razer's 1800dpi 3G Infrared sensor, which offers a 1KHz polling rate. Razer note that the Salmosa offers "speeds of up to 2.25 times faster than other regular gaming mice" and has the "fastest tracking optical sensor in the world". Launch is scheduled for sometime in the third quarter, with a price of around $40.

Next-generation RV770 board pictured

As the Radeon HD 3-series is as good as complete (well, all the decent models we care about are anyway), our attention has turned to the series' successor, which is currently known as the 4-series. We do currently have some info on AMD's next-gen tech, though what we did know is gradually becoming obsolete. Today, a picture of an RV770 board has surfaced, and all that grabs our attention is the placement of the memory chips, and the power connector.

GeForce 9800 GX2 on display at CeBIT, afterall

Despite being told to keep their 9800 GX2's away from the public eye, Albatron has stuck to their promise and let the media salivate over their non-working offering. Coincidently, several shots of Albatron's 9800 GX2 have appeared, which is a reference board. Not to be left out, EVGA also have various boards on display, one of which is a reference, while the other is a water-cooled Black Pearl edition, which apparently features Innovatek's 197-euro aluminum waterblock.

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