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Archive for February 27th, 2021

Intel announce new Atom low-power CPU’s

Previously known under the Silverthorne moniker, Intel has announced that their new low-power processors will debut under the "Atom" branding. Measuring 25 square millimeters, the 45nm CPU's boast 47 million transistors and consume 0.6-2.5W. Intel note that the Atom-series processors are the smallest they've ever built, and they expect it to "unleash new innovation across the industry" and offer the "best mobile computing and Internet experience."

Kingston overclocks DDR3 memory to 2.13GHz

Currently, the fastest DDR3 modules on the market are clocked at 2GHz. Many manufacturers, including Kingston, have been successful in reaching this speed. Today, Kingston has set a new standard, with the help of some unannounced HyperX PC3-16,000 modules. Considering the modules are rated at 2GHz, a rough 6.5% overclock (resulting in 2.13GHz) doesn't sound like much, though their press-video shows that no special cooling was used...

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