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Sunday Sampler [30-03-08]

As the "Vista Capable" lawsuit wears on, Microsoft has released various internal documents with information regarding the cause of Vista's crashes. Recorded during an unspecified time last year, the data shows that Nvida were responsible for 28.8% of the total crashes. Microsoft followed with 17.97%, and AMD came in third with 9.3%. The remaining 27.3% was shared between Intel and "all others". Considering Nvidia's large market share, one could only expect them to hold the largest number.

Asus shows off HD 3850 Trinity, pictures ahoy

Within three days, we've seen the first photo reel of triple-core goodness, seen overclocker Kinc have a play in 3DMark, and now Bit-Tech have published some more shiny photo's of Asus's HD 3850 Trinity. The site note that the board weighs 1.45Kg, and is longer than an ATX motherboard. They also confirm the board's clocks, and add that each core is on its own MXM module. Unfortunately though, they couldn't get the board to boot, so we'll have to settle for some more photo's, another eight in fact.

Intel’s P45 chipset pushed back to June

Originally set for a May debut, Intel is reportedly delaying the launch of its P45 chipset to June. The reason for the setback is apparently compatibility issues between the P45's PCI Express connections and unnamed graphics cards. Intel has notified its partners that the problem should only postpone the product another "2-4 weeks", though many motherboard makers see this as an opportunity to clear out their P35 inventory. Despite the delay, Intel will still announce the P45 chipset at Computex next month.

GeForce 9800 GTX reviewed, again

The last review of Nvidia's 9800 GTX left us to conclude that it isn't a necessary upgrade to an 8800-series owner, and that three-way SLI was the only selling point. Today, a 9800 GTX has been spotted in a Dubai market, and has naturally been sent to the nearest hardwarde site, T-Break. Our first observation is that performance isn't consistent; sometimes the board is on par with an 8800 Ultra (give or take 2 or 3 percent), and other times (particularly at higher resolutions) the Ultra pulls ahead...

Abit to enter Nvidia graphics card market

Since being gobbled up by Universal Scientific Industrial, Abit has been a quiet competitor in the motherboard market. According to DigiTimes, the second-tier motherboard maker is "preparing" to enter the graphics card market, selling only Nvidia products. The site note that even if Nvidia's products are seeing strong demand, partners including Evga, Zotac, XFX and Asus will make Abit's fight for market share an uphill battle. Let's just hope this isn't the cause of Abit's second death.

Fujitsu unveil 320GB 7,200RPM notebook drive

It will be the fastest in its class, a laptop hard drive, with the capacity of 320GB and a spindle speed of 7200RPM. To be launched by Fujitsu, it?s not the largest laptop hard drive, nor is it the first to be 7,200RPM, however, it?s the first 320GB drive which spins at 7,200RPM. The hard disk drives will be available in June, although no pricing has been made public. The drive will have 16MB of cache, 10.5ms read seek and 12.5ms write seek.

Asus’ HD 3850 Trinity benchmarked

The HD 3850 Trinity has only been exposed to the public for a few days, and already some benchmarks have been presented to us. At stock, the board runs at 668MHz for the core, and 1656MHz for the 1.5GB of memory. When clocked at 769MHz/2106MHz, on an Asus Rampage Formula coupled to a 4.6GHz QX9770 (419x11), the setup scored 94,110 points in 3DMark 03. Lowering the CPU clock to 4.55GHz (455x10) in order to achieve a higher bus, the system then scored 24,909 points in 3DMark 06.

AMD launches new quad-core Phenoms

After a very problematic birth, AMD has finally let loose a bunch of quad-core Phenom processors, as well as released two triple-core chips to OEM's. Not by any means is the line-up complete, though it's still quite a large range of bug-free silicon. The fastest chip launching is the quad-core 9850 clocked at 2.5GHz. This chip is also the only Black Edition in the new lineup, meaning the multiplier is unlocked. Lowering the clock by 100MHz is the 9750, and another 100MHz from that is the 9650, which is an OEM only chip.

Hybrid SLI back on track for April, first board released

Despite reports regarding a possible delay, Nvidia's Bryan Del Rizzo has told TechReport that Hybrid SLI is still on track for April. He adds that at this time, boards based on the GeForce 8200 chipset will arrive in "mass quantity", along with 780a equipped motherboards to a lesser extent. Zotac have already launched their N73U-Supreme and N73U motherboards based on the 750a chipset, although Hybrid SLI won't function until the correct drivers are released next month.

GeForce 9500 GT detailed

We already know that the low-end segment of the GeForce 9-series will be catered for by the 9300 GS and 9300 GE. We also know (judging by the 8-series) that a 9500 GT will exist, though until now all we really knew was the name. Today, VR-Zone has revealed that the 9500 GT will use a G96 (D9M) core clocked at 550MHz, while its 512MB of GDDR2 memory will operate at 500MHz on a 128-bit bus. There is still no word on pricing, though something under the $100 mark is to be expected.

Nvidia’s quad-SLI officially launched

Over a week has passed since the 9800 GX2 was released, and now Nvidia has given the green light on the quad-SLI reviews. Before we say anything else, nearly every one of the reviews below used a processor clocked too slow, and thus quad-SLI's performance was limited. Another thing all the reviews have in common is the conclusion - the cost of an extra card isn't worth the performance gains. Then again, every company needs to offer an extreme solution for enthusiasts with deep pockets...

Asus preparing triple-core HD 3850 Trinity

CrossFireX may allow three RV670 cores to be used simultaneously, though apparently Asus isn't satisfied. Instead of buying an additional card, they've gone and added the third core to a underclocked HD 3870, and called it the HD 3850 Trinity. This is a very early prototype, and it's undecided whether this board will hit retail. Nonetheless, the board's cores are all watercooled, and they're placed on their own daughter card (two on the back of the PCB, and one on the front).

Radeon HD 3850 X2 arriving quarter two?

AMD is apparently preparing a new dual-GPU HD 3850 for launch sometime in the second quarter, according Fudzilla. Instead of providing a reference design, AMD is passing the research and development side of things to its partners - which considering what Sapphire, PowerColor and GeCube have done to AMD's products in the past, isn't a bad idea. The board's core clocks are yet to be decided, although the memory speeds will be dropped from 1000MHz to 900MHz.

Easter Sampler [23-03-08]

A very popular discussion throughout the week was Nvidia's proposed acquisition of VIA. According to DigiTimes, Nvidia presented three options: form a strategic alliance, acquire VIA's processor division only (coincidently getting an x86 license), or buy the entire company. Due to a rather high asking price, discussions have apparently ended, though many expect VIA to pursue a deal at a later date, as its financial figures continue to drop. We'll just sit back and watch...

Hybrid SLI pushed back to May

According to DailyTech, Nvidia has notified its partners that Hybrid SLI has been delayed. The company's delay notification states that the "drivers are being fine-tuned and sales tools are being finalized", though no actual delay reason was included. Judging by the last few months, the drivers are most likely the cause. DailyTech note that Hybrid SLI samples will reach vendors in the second half of April, while availability has been pushed back into late May.

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