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Sunday Sampler – Blue Edition [3-02-08]

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Posted February 3, 2008 by admin in Internet

Intel and Micron have announced a new NAND flash technology that boasts 5x the speed of today’s regular flash memory. “The new technology boasts 200 MB/sec read rates and a 100 MB/sec write rates; current technologies off 40 MB/sec and 20 MB/sec rates of current single level cell NAND.”

Asus has released their motherboard support list for 1600MHz FSB’s. The X38, P35 and G33 based boards all require a BIOS update to support the faster bandwidth. “FSB1600 can significantly enhance 20% bandwidth between CPU and Northbridge up to 12.8GB/s.”

AMD has plans to grab over 50% of the discrete notebook GPU market in Q2. “The discrete graphics card market for high-end notebooks is expected to see a big turn around with Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell ready to adopt AMD’s latest discrete graphics solution for their notebooks.”

LiteON is developing a mouse made out of modeling clay. “Moldable Mouse is made of non-toxic lightweight modelling clay, covered with nylon and polyurethane blend fabric. It can be kneaded into any shape the user prefers, and the shape is self-retaining.”

Some of Intel’s Conroe-based Xeons are being discontinued. “The 3000-series version 3040, 3050, 3060 and 3070, all based on the 65 nm Conroe core, are entered into the firm?s product discontinuance program and are going to be phased out.”

CoolIT and Danger Den’s waterblocks for the HD 3870 X2 are almost ready. “In recent testing, the liquid cooled cards were stably clocked up to over 900MHz core clock speed and the memory pushed to 1GHz with no thermal issues.”

After being on the market nearly three months, Crysis has sold one million copies. “…the games publisher announced that Crysis has gone platinum, but CEO John Riccitiello said that EA is “not satisfied” with the overall third quarter financial results.”

Microsoft has confirmed that DX10.1 will arrive with Vista SP1. “Adds support for Direct3D? 10.1, an update to Direct3D 10 that extends the API to support new hardware features, enabling 3D application and game developers to make more complete and efficient use of the upcoming generations of graphics hardware.”

Finally, it seems that the Radeon HD 3870 X2 has a bug that stops any significant overclocking. “This could be fixed by flashing the card with a new BIOS, and newer cards don’t need this update, but unfortunately it seems like Radeon HD 3870X2 suffers from the same PLL VCO divider bug.”

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