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Sunday Sampler [10-02-08]

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Posted February 10, 2008 by admin in Internet

Intel is being sued by the University of Wisconsin for infringing a patent filed in 1998 regarding a technology used in their Core 2 lineup. “WARF is asking the court to declare that Intel is infringing on its patent. The court also will be asked to enjoin Intel from selling the product”.

Intel has recently shown-off their Tukwila processor, which is the first CPU to break the 2 billion transistor mark. “Tukwila, as the new 65nm chip is called, is the first quad-core member of the Itanium Product Family”.

Analysts are pushing Microsoft into moving XP’s execution date back into 2009. “A good rule of thumb in any OS transition is that you have to have the original and new products available for at least two years to handle customer [migration] needs”.

If you’re bored, and happen to have a HD 3870 X2 in front of you (in which case you shouldn’t be bored), a voltage modification guide has recently surfaced. “Let’s take a look at the GPU Core voltage mod area. You have to mod for both cores.”

IBM has announced that the Cell BE processor found in the PS3 will be moving to a 45nm high-k process. “The 45nm Cell will use about 40 percent less power than its 65nm predecessor, and its die area will be reduced by 34 percent.”

MarioKart Wii has been detailed. “Players can now choose between karts and bikes to race… the game will feature 16 new tracks and 16 remake tracks from previous Mario Kart titles… Mario Kart Wii hits stores in Japan on April 10”.

Circuit City is selling Toshiba’s HD-A20 HD DVD player for just $112.“The new price is 55% below last week?s price of $249.99… this actually may be your best shot yet to get a cheap 1080p HD DVD player ? it even undercuts the prices of most 1080p upscaling DVD players.”

A leaked product manual has raised suspicion that the 9800 GX2 could ship with 2GB of memory. “This in itself might not be the most exciting thing in the world… but what made us take notice, was that each of the PCB’s seem to feature 1GB of memory on this specific card.”

Finally, a 2.66GHz Nehalem sample has been caught in the wild scoring 8.328 seconds in SuperPi 1MB. [i]”If you feed the data into the validator you get an incorrect checksum and the CPU-Z is horribly out of date. Consider it with a truckloads and truckloads of salt.”

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