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Radeon HD 4000-series detailed, arriving June?

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Posted February 16, 2008 by admin in News

If you’re into extreme single-core GPUs you may want to stop reading now. ATI’s future is value-oriented and if you’re longing for that 1 billion transistor megachip, you can stop doing it right now. ATI isn’t into that. We should have told you this sooner. ATI is focusing on bang for the buck and if you want more performance you should get a second card, or get the card with two cores. Considering the flexibility and scaling that CrossFireX offers, we’re not exactly saddened by AMD’s decision to steer ATI toward focusing more on the price/performance ratio than on raw performance. It is harder to write drivers for a multi-GPU, but when you make sure that you have a good foundation, such as CrossFireX, it might be worth the risk.

Although the site are confident their info is accurate, they advise that it be taken with a pinch of salt, and expect the figures to change before launch.

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