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Microsoft Xbox 360 to go Blu-Ray in May

Australian hackers Smarthouse have beat gamers in bringing the latest news about the Xbox 360 going Blu-Ray. According to Smarthouse, Microsoft insiders are claiming that the recent HD DVD surrender will make them produce Blu-Ray drives for its gaming consoles, and it can be as early as May 2008.

GeForce 9800 GX2 clocks revealed, postponed

The long awaited details of Nvidia's 9800 GX2 have finally been revealed. According to Expreview, the board's core, memory and shaders will be clocked at 600MHz, 1000MHz and 1500MHz respectively. The board will also boast a total of 256 stream processors, and 1GB of 512-bit memory. Memory bandwidth is said to be 128GB/sec, while its texture fill rate is 76.8 billion pixels/sec. Performance is estimated to be just over two 8800 GT's in SLI.

Toshiba announces HD DVD’s death, format war is over

As expected for some time now, Toshiba has officially announced the death of HD DVD. There are many factors that are responsible for the format's death, the most significant of which would be Warner Bros' decision to back Blu-ray - which pushed the format's market share to 93 percent. Decisions by Blockbuster, Best Buy and Wal-Mart to ditch the format are also taken into consideration. Toshiba note that the "very difficult" decision will be completed in late March.

Intel Montevina platform to be named Centrino 2

According to sources at laptop makers, Intel are currently planning to rename the upcoming Montevina platform to Centrino 2 to clear up confusion. The name Centrino has been used for four generations of its notebook platforms. Even though technology changes, unchanging the brand name has left consumers unable to identify the differences, which in result, has lowered recognition in the market.

HD 3870 and 3850 tested together in CrossFire, again

Earlier in the month, Hybrid CrossFire was taken for a spin. The system used one HD 3850 and one HD 3870 simultaneously, and everything worked quite well. Legit Reviews has now taken things a little further, and included another six benchmarks. Performance is as expected, and still very promising - the HD 3850 + HD 3870 setup generally performed in between the HD 3870 CrossFire and single HD 3870 setups. The bottom line is that stability is maintained, and you get a nice performance improvement.

Another GeForce 9600 GT review published

The folks over at TweakTown are the latest to join our growing 9600 GT review list. What jumps out straight away is that board's performance has dramatically improved since the last round of benchmarks. In fact, the 9600 GT is capable of outperforming the HD 3870, not to mention give the 8800 GT a run for its money. The board previously performed on par with the 8800 GS and HD 3850. What's more is that it consumes less power than an 8800 GT and HD 3870...

Sunday Sampler [17-02-08]

Yahoo has already rejected Microsoft's offer of $44.6 billion (which is now worth $42 billion), and commenced talks with AOL and News Corp. Microsoft then hinted that they will bypass Yahoo's Board of Directors, and present the offer directly to the company's shareholders. Yahoo has now sent a letter to its shareholders urging them not to sell the company. The letter did, however, not mention anything about negotiation with News Corp, who were probably involved only to boost Microsoft's bid.

PureOverclock Forum antics [17-02-08]

If you're passing by, don't forget to give our forums a visit. There's always something to do, or a record to break. Our 3DMark 05 record was recently smashed by a 1GB 8800 GT clocked at 700/1000MHz. If you have what it takes to beat 25,003 points, then come along. Our SuperPi 1MB score has also been pushed to 9.59 seconds, with the help of an E8400 clocked at 4860MHz. We also have a new Maximus Formula club, which includes various modding guides and overclocking tips.

PS3 outsells Xbox 360 in January sales

The 2007 Holiday sales were very predictable, Nintendo's Wii was on top, Microsoft's Xbox 360 was in the middle, and finally the Sony PlayStation 3 was at the bottom. Now that we are in 2008, it looks nothing like 2007, except for one thing. With over 274,000 consoles sold, and still selling out, the Nintendo Wii is number one, the Sony PlayStation 3 console is in second place, with 269,000 units sold, and last but not least is the Xbox 360 with 230,000 sales.

Asus Z7S W Skulltrail board pictured

Currently, the only Skulltrail board on offer is Intel's D5400XS. HotHardware has now published a sneak peek of Asus' offering - the Z7S W. The board isn't as practical as we would have liked though, as it doesn't support SLI, and due to the placement of the socket 771 connectors, only the stock cooler can be used. Nevertheless, the board does have an active memory cooler, and includes two PCIe 2.0 x16 and one PCIe x16, PCIe x1, PCI 2.2 and PCI-X slots.

Toshiba backing out of format war, halts production

We've been following the next-generation format war ever since the beginning, and it's sad to say that this story will be among our last covering the unfolding of the Blu-ray vs HD DVD battle. We reported earlier today that Toshiba will dump HD DVD "in the coming weeks", though according to Reuters, things may happen a little sooner. They cite an unidentified Toshiba source, who states "we have entered the final stage of planning to make our exit from the next generation DVD business"...

Radeon HD 4000-series detailed, arriving June?

The folks over at German site Hartware.de (via Nordic Hardware) have published quite a bit of info regarding AMD's Radeon 4-series, which will partly accommodate the RV770 core. To keep things short, we've included all the relative info in our table on the right, though for a brief summary, the HD 4000 series is believed to arrive in June, and the naming scheme will add a "4" in front of all the existing 3-series boards. A HD 4870 X2 is listed, and is believed to be four times faster than a single HD 3870.

Wal-Mart to sell Blu-ray exclusively: Toshiba to admit defeat?

Fans of Toshiba's HD DVD format have been kicked while they're down, this time by Wal-Mart's decision to ditch the format, and sell Blu-ray players and media exclusively. Effective June, the move is the result of customer feedback, and an attempt to "simplify" patron's decisions. This news closely follows Best Buy's decision to also give the format the boot. Speculation has already surfaced that suggests Toshiba will abandon their own format "in the coming weeks"...

Mozilla released the latest beta for Firefox 3

Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser has reached Beta 3 phase. This is the 11th developer milestone focusing on testing and core functionality with many new features & changes for the scheduled Firefox 3.

Intel to cut CPU prices on April 20th

Intel prepares for it?s usual price cut, which will affect the old 65nm processors. On April 20th, 2008 Intel will cut the Core 2 Quad Q6700 from $527.00 to $270.00. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 will drop from $270.00 to $229.00. On the same date, Intel plans to release the E8300 CPU which is 45nm based with 6MB of Cache and 2.83GHz clock. Pricing will be $169.00.

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