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Another GeForce 9600 GT review published

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Posted February 18, 2008 by admin in News

It really is a bit of a touch decision between the HD 3870 and the 9600GT, especially since the HD 3870 has come down in price a whole heap in the past month. AMD offer monthly driver updates and the 8.3 Catalyst drivers due out in March are sounding pretty good at the moment. With that said though, the 9 series are what NVIDIA are going to be concentrating on in the performance department from now on, and they tend to bring us good increases when it comes to official drivers.

We have to also remember that this is an overclocked 9600GT and not a stock clocked one. With that said though, it?s not overclocked majorly; we actually have an overclocked Zotac in the labs at the moment which carries with it some very nice clocks, and there?s no doubt it?s going to be interesting to see when we climb beyond 700MHz on the core.

For those unaware, the 9600 GT will launch on the 21st – three days time. If you can’t wait until then, various partner’s boards have already been pixelized.

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