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AMD respond to 9600 GT launch with price cuts

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Posted February 21, 2008 by admin in News

DigiTimes were quick to point out that shortages from high-demand may push the 9600 GT’s price up over the $200 mark. Kudos to Tech Report for the pickup.

AMD pointed out that in recent history, retailers have been eager to capitalize on the high demand and short supply of graphics cards seen just after launch, warning it is possible we will see 9600 GTs carrying a premium which would effectively eliminate Nvidia’s price advantage during the short-term.

AMD was also quick to highlight several specifications found in its 3000-series products that it says Nvidia has still yet to match. These include support for DirectX 10.1, 55nm manufacturing leading to cooler, quieter cards, and built-in HDCP. While these claims are all valid, it is debatable whether they serve as anything more than marketing check-points.

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