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Archive for January 19th, 2021

GeForce 9800 GTX detailed, benchmarked, pictured

As speculation regarding the 9800 GX2 finally settles down, various pictures, specifications and benchmarks of Nvidia's 9800 GTX have surfaced. The board's core, shader and memory speeds will supposedly be 673MHz, 1683MHz and 1100MHz respectively. The only thing that separates the board from current G92 offerings (apart from slightly higher clocks) is support for three-way SLI, though the provided pictures don't support this, as only one SLI connector is visible (two are required).

Intel prepares six-core processors

Intel?s next big step is the Nehalem architecture, which most of you know, is capable of supporting at least eight processing cores. As a result, Intel is planing some new 6-core parts that utilize three 45nm Wolfdale parts in one processing die, giving the final production of a 6-core processor.

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