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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Intel Montevina platform to be named Centrino 2

According to sources at laptop makers, Intel are currently planning to rename the upcoming Montevina platform to Centrino 2 to clear up confusion. The name Centrino has been used for four generations of its notebook platforms. Even though technology changes, unchanging the brand name has left consumers unable to identify the differences, which in result, has lowered recognition in the market.

HD 3870 and 3850 tested together in CrossFire, again

Earlier in the month, Hybrid CrossFire was taken for a spin. The system used one HD 3850 and one HD 3870 simultaneously, and everything worked quite well. Legit Reviews has now taken things a little further, and included another six benchmarks. Performance is as expected, and still very promising - the HD 3850 + HD 3870 setup generally performed in between the HD 3870 CrossFire and single HD 3870 setups. The bottom line is that stability is maintained, and you get a nice performance improvement.

Another GeForce 9600 GT review published

The folks over at TweakTown are the latest to join our growing 9600 GT review list. What jumps out straight away is that board's performance has dramatically improved since the last round of benchmarks. In fact, the 9600 GT is capable of outperforming the HD 3870, not to mention give the 8800 GT a run for its money. The board previously performed on par with the 8800 GS and HD 3850. What's more is that it consumes less power than an 8800 GT and HD 3870...

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