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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Sunday Sampler [17-02-08]

Yahoo has already rejected Microsoft's offer of $44.6 billion (which is now worth $42 billion), and commenced talks with AOL and News Corp. Microsoft then hinted that they will bypass Yahoo's Board of Directors, and present the offer directly to the company's shareholders. Yahoo has now sent a letter to its shareholders urging them not to sell the company. The letter did, however, not mention anything about negotiation with News Corp, who were probably involved only to boost Microsoft's bid.

PureOverclock Forum antics [17-02-08]

If you're passing by, don't forget to give our forums a visit. There's always something to do, or a record to break. Our 3DMark 05 record was recently smashed by a 1GB 8800 GT clocked at 700/1000MHz. If you have what it takes to beat 25,003 points, then come along. Our SuperPi 1MB score has also been pushed to 9.59 seconds, with the help of an E8400 clocked at 4860MHz. We also have a new Maximus Formula club, which includes various modding guides and overclocking tips.

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