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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Mozilla released the latest beta for Firefox 3

Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser has reached Beta 3 phase. This is the 11th developer milestone focusing on testing and core functionality with many new features & changes for the scheduled Firefox 3.

Intel to cut CPU prices on April 20th

Intel prepares for it?s usual price cut, which will affect the old 65nm processors. On April 20th, 2008 Intel will cut the Core 2 Quad Q6700 from $527.00 to $270.00. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 will drop from $270.00 to $229.00. On the same date, Intel plans to release the E8300 CPU which is 45nm based with 6MB of Cache and 2.83GHz clock. Pricing will be $169.00.

Analyst expects Nvidia to acquire AMD

Doug Freedman, an American Technology Research analyst, believes that if any delays and/or problems hit AMD's Puma platform - which incorporates a Turion Ultra processor and a RS780M chipset with hybrid graphics - then the company will be up for sale. He suggests that Nvidia may be interested in a deal, as AMD/Intel's plans for a combined CPU and GPU solution poses a threat to Nvidia. There is, as discussed below, one potential problem with a merger...

More 3DMark Vantage screenshots appear

Futuremark has already released three screenshots from 3DMark Vantage, which is the next installment in the 3DMark series, to the public. Today though, an extra dozen have appeared, and they reveal not only what the remaining benchmarks are, but also give us a peek of the program's GUI. Expreview note that the current version is quite buggy, and that the testbed couldn't successfully complete the benchmark.

Nvidia reports record results, again

Nvidia has posted record results for the fourth quarter of the Fiscal year (which ended on January 27th). The company's revenue has increased to a record $1.20 billion - a 37% yearly rise from 2007's $878.9 million. Nvidia's net income is $257 million, or a 57% increase from this time last year. The company notes that strong demand in all markets, and an 80% yearly growth in its discrete GPU market are to thank for the record results.

Nvidia details future PhysX support

As Nvidia's acquisition of AGEIA is now complete (a little ahead of schedule, too), they've announced plans for their use of PhysX technology. Revealed during their recent financial results conference call, Nvidia plans to implement the PhysX engine into their Compute Unified Device Architecture port, which is found in all GeForce 8-series GPU's. Nvidia are apparently "working hard" on the design, and hope it will improve sales.

GeForce 9800 GX2 not on display at CeBIT

Many partners have already advertised through various invitations that their 9800 GX2's will be on display at CeBIT. However, Nvidia has reportedly informed its partners that the board will only be present at the German computer show behind closed doors, and not out in the public. Various leaks are bound to happen, though Nvidia's decision does make sense as the board's launch is only two days following the show's closure.

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