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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Catalyst 8.2 now available

Right on schedule, AMD has rolled out their second graphics drivers for the year, alias Catalyst 8.2. AMD notes that DirectX 10 performance in Company of Heroes improves up to 20% when using a DX10 compliant graphics card. They add that when using multi-GPU setups in the same title, performance will improve by up to 30%. AMD has also resolved various bugs including flickering in World of Warcraft and display corruption in Doom 3.

GeForce 9600 GT launch restored to February 21st

Nvidia's 9600 GT was originally believed to arrive on February 14th, though this date was quickly pushed back to February 21st. Not so long after that, speculation surfaced that the board had been delayed yet again, this time to the 28th. We are now led to believe that the second setback is false, meaning February 21st still stands. Two partner's offerings - one from Gigabyte and one MSI - have now been snapped in the wild, and briefly detailed.

Windows Vista SP1 does not significantly boost performance

Speed; a key role into anyone?s PC decision. Members with Windows XP are waiting for Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) before upgrading. Now it is weeks away from release, its time to bring out the stopwatches, and see what improvements Windows Vista SP1 has on the operating system. According to CNET, there are some performance enhancements, but mainly in the driver areas. What is worse however, is that certain tasks such as copying on a USB 2.0 Hard Drive is 50% slower, a hit which overshadows the other file system improvements in SP1.

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