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Archive for January 19th, 2021

GeForce 9600 GT postponed, again?

Nvidia's 9600 GT was originally intended to launch on February 14th, though the board was recently delayed to February 21st due to voltage offset issues, and a possible interference with the Chinese New Year Holiday. Speculation has now surfaced stating that the board has been pushed back further to February 28th. There's no reason behind the setback (aside from Chinese New Year), though perhaps Nvidia needs more time to fix the electrical bug.

Yahoo to reject Microsoft’s current bid

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo will reject Microsoft's offer of $44.6 billion. They reportedly won't accept anything below $40 per-share, and believe that the current offer of $31 per-share ?massively undervalues? the company. If Microsoft were to raise their bid to around $57 billion (a lot closer to Yahoo's expectations), then Yahoo will be willing to agree to the sale of the company, though an offer that high raises "certain risks".

HD 3870 and 3850 tested together in CrossFire

Fudzilla has just been informed that Catalyst 8.1 allows users to run CrossFire with one HD 3870 and one HD 3850. Of course, the site did put this in action, and were able to individually tweak each board's settings through the Catalyst Control Center. They ran a HD 3870 and 3850 in both 1GB and 256MB setups, and the performance gains are quite difficult to summarize in a sentence. The site expect to revisit testing when Catalyst 8.2 arrives.

Intel X48 chip coming in mid March

When Intel launched the high end X38 desktop chipset in October, rumours suggested that its lifespan would be short and they were preparing a new and better x48 chipset. However, in December, it was announced it would be postponed till February or March. The claims were true and we should be looking for a release in the middle of March.

Radeon HD 3870 X2 tested in CrossFire, again

We've already seen a brief preview of the HD 3870 X2 in CrossFire, though the results weren't anything to scream about. FPSLabs have recently published their evaluation of CrossFireX in action, and things are starting to look a bit better. The drivers are still in early development, so nothing is set in stone, though nonetheless CrossFireX scaled as high as 76.9% in FEAR, 50.2% in Call of Juarez and 15.6% in 3DMark 06 - very promising for the first two.

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