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Archive for January 19th, 2021

Overclockers report heat problems with E8400

Users of the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processors have been noticing that there might be a heat problem. The most daring overclockers are noting that the thermal diode on-board these processors is very far off from the actual temperature, tricking overclockers into not giving efficient coolers and not letting the motherboard control the speed of the fans enough, if the processor fan is actually cooled by the motherboard. Intel denies the claims, if overclocking, do not let it go above 72.5 Degrees Centigrade.

Wolfdale shortages spark price gains

According to DigiTimes, citing sources in the Taiwan channel, shortages of Intel's 45nm E8000 line-up have forced the prices across the series to be raised by up to 20%. The shortages are due to Intel's strategically planned shipments, which involves holding back the majority of Wolfdale shipments to allow traders to empty their 65nm E6000 stock. This strategy seems to have had little effect on the previous-generation chip's sales, as the E6000 sales are yet to improve.

AMD Phenom launch schedule updated

HKEPC has just compiled a table detailing the launch schedule for AMD's upcoming Phenom processors. For starters, the launch of the 2.6GHz 9950 has been pushed back from quarter two, to quarter three - while the 2.4GHz 9750 remains a quarter two product (or May / June to be precise). The B3 revision triple-core Phenoms are also arriving in May / June, while the B2 triple-core's - the 2.3GHz 8600 and 2.1GHz 8400 - will arrive as previously intended in March.

Microsoft propose to acquire Yahoo for $44.6b

Microsoft has just made a proposal to the Yahoo Board of Directors to acquire the company for $31 per-share, or $44.6 billion. Yahoo has responded saying they will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly. Microsoft note that the offer represents a 62 percent premium over the closing price of Yahoo common stock on January 31st. They add that the proposed transaction is expected to be complete in the second half of this year.

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