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Nehalem’s die size to be larger than AMD’s Shanghai

Intel's next-generation native quad and eight core architecture, Nehalem, is apparently going to boast a die size "20 to 30 percent" larger than AMD's 45nm Barcelona refresh, Shanghai. This isn't as good as it may sound, as larger die's generally accommodate not only higher costs and higher power consumption, but also (in some cases) limited overclocking potential. The extra size may be the result of the integrated memory controller, and on-board cache.

Razer preparing a CeBIT surprise

From the limited info provided to us, we are lead to believe that Razer are going to showcase a new rodent at CeBIT. Razer’s advertising campaign is dubbed “Speed of (The) Light” with the sub-heading “The Race Is On”. There is a promotional website now online, though there’s nothing being revealed there either. Let’s just hope this isn’t a repeat of AMD’s “Dark Side” promotion last year that resulted in the launch of the unimpressive “Black Edition” chips.

CrossFireX setup breaks 31,000 in 3DMark 06

Team Italy recently scored 30,662 points in 3DMark 06 with dual HD 2900 XT's, though their efforts haven't lasted long, as the 31,000 barrier has now been broken by "No_name". This was achieved with dual HD 3870 X2's (the CrossFireX drivers must be getting somewhere) clocked at 1054MHz/1150MHz, along with a QX9650 at 5640 MHz mounted on an Asus P5E3 WS. His final score was 31,782 points in 3DMark 06, while he also gave 03 a shot, and scored 131,826. points.

AMD to further cut prices of HD 3850 and 3650

Following the launch of the 9600 GT, prices of AMD's HD 3870 and 3850 dropped to as little as $185 and $150 respectively. Word has now surfaced that AMD will be cutting the prices of the HD 3850 and HD 3650 by as much as 20% in early March. In theory, this means that the HD 3850 will be available for roughly $130, and the the HD 3650 will retail further under the $100 mark. Price cuts for the HD 3870 are also planned, though they'll be less substantial.

GeForce 9800 GX2 delayed to March 18th

The 9800 GX2's date with reality was recently believed to be sometime in late March - the same time the 9800 GTX is expected to arrive. An updated roadmap then restored things back to the originally believed March 11th. Today, according to VR-Zone, Nvidia has informed its partners that the 9800 GX2 has been delayed to March 18th. No reason behind the setback is specified, though Nvidia's partners reportedly believe that it's a driver-related issue.

Microsoft rolls out update to detect cracked Vista installations

Microsoft promised us, and they've finally delivered an update named KB940510 for practically all Windows Vista versions. It will seek out those installs which use two of the most common cracks around. Both the grace time exploit and the OEM BIOS crack are expected to be detected from the 3MB application once installed. It will prompt the user if any problems come up, and obviously, it will not stop there, as it will ask for a valid activation code.

GeForce 9800 GTX detailed, benchmarked, pictured

As speculation regarding the 9800 GX2 finally settles down, various pictures, specifications and benchmarks of Nvidia's 9800 GTX have surfaced. The board's core, shader and memory speeds will supposedly be 673MHz, 1683MHz and 1100MHz respectively. The only thing that separates the board from current G92 offerings (apart from slightly higher clocks) is support for three-way SLI, though the provided pictures don't support this, as only one SLI connector is visible (two are required).

Intel prepares six-core processors

Intel?s next big step is the Nehalem architecture, which most of you know, is capable of supporting at least eight processing cores. As a result, Intel is planing some new 6-core parts that utilize three 45nm Wolfdale parts in one processing die, giving the final production of a 6-core processor.

3DMark Vantage technical demonstration published

We’ve already seen three screenshots of 3DMark Vantage from Futuremark, and another dozen of the program’s GUI from an external source. A video technical demonstration has now been published, and it shows quite a bit of action from the next-generation benchmark (more than any screenshots could anyway). The majority of the video is a 3D developer discussing the DirectX and shader technologies used. No release date has been confirmed, though there isn’t long to go.

Palit may acquire Galaxy to distribute excess stock

As a result of over-estimating market trends and over-ordering Nvidia chips, Palit are looking to acquire Galaxy in order to pass the excess stock to a new subsidiary. Galaxy - who don't have their own production facilities - were founded in 1994, and became an add-in board partner for Nvidia in 1999. The company also entered the motherboard market last year. Palit (or Vvikoo in Europe), acquired Gainward in 2005, and ship over 10 million graphics cards a year.

GeForce 9-series launch roadmap updated

With the 9600 GT already out the door, and Nvidia's 9800 GX2 still set for March 11th (meaning the rumored delay is false), the remaining board's launch dates and details have been revealed. The GeForce 9800 GTX is scheduled to arrive in late March, and accompany 128 shaders and a core clock of 750MHz+. The 9800 GT should follow in early April, and cut the shaders down to a familiar 112. May, June and July will see the launch of the new 9600 GS, 9500 GT and 9500 GS, respectively.

Team Italy bust 3DMark records all around

It was roughly a month ago when Kingpin and Fugger broke the 30,000 barrier in 3DMark 06 with their 8800 Ultra's. Their glory has now ended, as Team Italy has reclaimed the 3DMark 05 and 06 records with their 2900 XT's yet again. Using a QX9650 clocked at 5,800MHz on an ASUS P5E3 WS, and the aforementioned HD 2900 XT's running at 1250MHz/1880MHz, their 3DMark 06 record is 30,662 points, while they settled for 39,133 in 3DMark 05.

AMD respond to 9600 GT launch with price cuts

Considering the 9600 GT (which is currently available for as little as $179) has delivered performance close to AMD's HD 3870 (which is worth around $210 and up), the company has cut prices for the HD 3870 and HD 3850. The HD 3850, which the 9600 GT comfortably outperforms, has taken a plunge from roughly $179 to as little as $149. On the other hand, the HD 3870 is available for as low as $184 - much more competitively priced.

GeForce 9-series debuted with 9600 GT

After a small setback, Nvidia has launched their mid-range weapon, the 9600 GT. Previous performance previews have shown that the board will be the pinnacle for price-per-performance - and today's reviews are no exception to this. The board slots into Nvidia's hierarchy just behind the 8800 GT, and generally performs in front of the HD 3850. As first seen on Monday, the board can also outperform the HD 3870. The 9600 GT runs at 650MHz/900MHz, and uses a 65nm G94 core.

Activision has trademarked ?DJ Hero?

Activision Blizzard have big plans for the Guitar Hero franchise, with the 4th game getting ready for release this year, and Aerosmith-focused addition due in June of 2008. Now, the newly formed mega publisher looks to be planning to increase the footprint in the rhythm game, with a new trademark of DJ Hero, for video game software and video game controllers.

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