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Sunday Sampler [6-01-08]

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Posted January 6, 2008 by admin in Internet

Xbox Live has suffered a holiday hangover. “A number of users reported continuing issues with the service today, from lengthy delays in performing basic Xbox Live functions to persisting matchmaking troubles.”

On that note, Microsoft is being sued over $5 million due to the outages. “The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Houston, claims Microsoft’s outages represent a breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation for which the software maker is liable.”

Following Xbox Live’s absence, Microsoft is giving all Xbox Live subscribers a free Arcade game as a “token of appreciation”. “…While the game is not offered as compensation for the problems, it’s instead being billed as a “thank you for your loyalty during this holiday period.”

ExtremeTech has taken a look at the ten worst technologies and trends of 2007.“2007 was an interesting year for technology, and though it brought us some truly amazing things, it also let us down in at least these ten ways.

Warner Bros are going to back the Blu-ray DVD format exclusively. “Time Warner’s Warner Bros. studio on Friday said it would exclusively release high-definition DVDs in Sony’s Blu-ray format, dealing a big blow to Toshiba’s rival HD DVD technology.”

After finding out that the Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero III only produces mono sound, Activision has detailed a surround sound replacement program. “We expect to have re-mastered discs available by early 2008 and we will be offering consumers replacement discs at no cost”.

New York’s text messaging services went haywire on new year’s eve. “Millions upon millions of text messages never met their recipients on the last day of 2007 and even more were plagued with considerable delays, according to the Associated Press.”

Asrock has launched their first high-end motherboard. “ASRock has recently launched its first high-end motherboard, the 4Core1600P35-WiFi+ adopting Intel’s P35 chipset. In addition to solid capacitors and overclock control software, the motherboard features the Realtek ALC890 chip for sound, and also built-in IEEE 802.11g.”

Sony BMG are planning to drop the infamous Digital Rights Management. “In a move that would mark the end of a digital music era, Sony BMG Music Entertainment is finalizing plans to sell songs without the copyright protection software that has long restricted the use of music downloaded from the Internet”

Finally, TomsHardware has learned that Phenom won’t work on the majority of AM2 board’s. “I don’t really like the conclusion and AMD won’t like it either, but the upgrade situation for users interested in replacing their Athlon 64 X2 processor with a quad core Phenom is all but promising.”

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