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Sunday Sampler [13-01-08]

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Posted January 13, 2008 by admin in Internet

Copper Innovations Group are suing both Nintendo and Sony due to the wireless technology used in their controllers. “The patent–which was filed in January of 1996–covers a method for connecting devices to a system and sorting their inputs by means of hardware identification numbers tied to each transmission.”

Speculation is surfacing that Microsoft is planning a takeover bid on Logitech for a total of roughly $10 billion. Other stories deny this though… “I am a co-founder of Logitech. Would you be willing to sell your child?” Borel told Reuters in an interview.

Reg Hardware have published some pictures of a USB 3.0 connector. “Dubbed SuperSpeed USB, the third major incarnation of the serial bus standard is set to deliver data transfer speeds of around 4.7Gb/s – ten times today’s 480Mb/s limit.”

Shacknews has learnt that Alienware’s curved display showcased at CES has some significant drawbacks. “You see, three clearly-visible bars immediately appeared upon strafing, a symptom of overlapping projection… Another issue is the image quality. While the picture seemed sharp, it lacked color depth”.

Hitachi is apparently in talks with Toshiba and Fujitsu about combining to create a new company dedicated to hard drives and storage systems. “The new company would combine the limping hard drive divisions of Hitachi and Toshiba as well as some of the storage systems technology from Fujitsu. Each would own a third.”

Foxconn has reported record high revenues for 2007. “Foxconn Electronics said its revenues grew 42.5% on year to reach a new high of NT$1.237 trillion (US$38 billion) in 2007.”

Asus has announced two versions of the 384MB 8800 GS. “The second one, which is far more interesting, works at 600MHz for the core and 1.8GHz for 384MB of GDDR3 memory. Its shader clock is 1700MHz, which is far higher than 1375MHz on the non-overclocked version.”

An Asus notebook was recently spotted at CES with a GeForce 9500M GS. “Set to be included in the gaming-oriented G1Sn laptop, the GeForce 9500M GS features 512MB of dedicated memory and is powered by a G84-50 chip, not too GeForce 9-like but the branding is clear.”

Finally, a prequel to Assassin’s Creed is heading to the DS with the subtitle Altair?s Chronicles. “Reader Mikey snagged the boxart for Assassin?s Creed: Altair?s Chronicles when he went to GameStop to reserve the title. He scanned in the sheet for us to check out.”

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