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Radeon HD 3670 prematurely reviewed

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Posted January 10, 2008 by admin in News

In fact, the greatest performance difference between the boards was 11.43% in F.E.A.R. Every other benchmark was around the 2.2% mark. The site note that this may well be a Catalyst issue, and that the retail version should offer improved performance.

We use Seasonic PowerAngle to record the power consumption of the whole platform. During the test we did not change anything of the platform except of the VGA card. We run test under two modes: one is idle in OS for about 15 minute, and the other mode is using ATItool to stress the card for 15 minutes.The HD 3670 is a engineering sample, so the final retail version HD 3670?s actual power consumption may different from our ES. The data is quite surprising. No matter full load or idle, HD 3670 sucks more power than the old 65nm HD2600XT. We did not have enough information to judge the data we got from this power consumption test. Maybe only this engineering sample is power-sucking. We will continue following this issues.

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