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PowerColor design slimmer HD 3870 X2

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Posted January 31, 2008 by admin in News

PowerColor has an interesting version of of the Radeon HD 3870 X2, which is actually shorter than the reference design from ATI. This card features a brand new cooler and it requires just two 6-pin power connectors (no 8-pin). We found out that the card is overclocked, but we’re not sure to what frequencies. Different power connectors is good news for those who don?t have an 8-pin PCIe connector on their PSU… Due to the shorter PCB, the PLX chip has been relocated. Since it doesn?t require cooling, it was simply pushed down, and the resulting empty space between the two RV670 chips has been used up by one of them, so the card ended up being shorter.

The board is also going to be factory overclocked, by how much is unsure. PowerColor have also reduced the power connectors to two 6-pins (those of you who don’t have 8-pin connectors would greatly benefit from this).

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