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LG.Phillips to unveil 14.3″ E-paper display at CES

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Posted January 5, 2008 by admin in Displays

Our new 14.3-inch flexible color display is nearly the equivalent size of an A4 size paper, but you can roll it up and take it with you,? said Mr. In-Jae Chung, LG.Philips LCD?s chief technology officer and executive vice president. ?The reflective foil substrate is as easy to read as a printed sheet of paper and can be used in a number of applications like electronic textbooks and smart ID cards, where picture quality is as important as durability and portability.

One of E-Paper’s main selling points is that its pixels are bi-stable, meaning it’s capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity. They’re also flexible due to the use of metal foil and plastic substrates (as opposed to glass).

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