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Introduction to Nehalem – slides and information

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Posted January 7, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

There will also be a processor where one of the regular cores have been replaced by a graphics processing unit, code-named Havendale. According to Intel, this will not only save power but also boost the potential performance of the GPU by a two-digit factor, compared to current chipset-GPU solutions. This is of course a solution designed for the mobile market and slated for Q2 2009. The overall performance improvement ranges from 10-25% in single-threaded applications, and 20-100% in multithreaded applications, compared to Penryn. At the same time it consumes up to 30% less power at the same performance level as Penryn (data from sources at motherboard manufacturers). By the looks of its, Nehalem is all about DDR3, even mainstream processors will have integrated DDR3 controllers. Mainstream also means quad-core, Nehalem is a native quad-core architecture.

Bloomfield and Tylersburg are reportedly set for launch late this year, while the mainstream processors are arriving Q1 2009.

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