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GeForce 9800 GX2 pictured, detailed

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Posted January 5, 2008 by admin in News

I am pretty confident that NVIDIA will do just as they did with the 7950 and clock the cards down to the 500 MHz level (and certainly not much higher than 525 MHz). These are full G92 chips with the 128 working SPs, and I would imagine that the shader cores would be clocked at around the 1500 MHz level. We can also bet that NVIDIA will utilize 900 MHz GDDR-3, as it is in great supply at very good prices. So, that would give approximately 115 GB/sec of memory bandwidth. NVIDIA will likely say that the card pulls around 190 watts at full bore, but from the pictures it looks as if the cooling is going to be far more robust than the older 7950 GX2 and it’s two small fans/heatsinks.

The pictures do leave a lot to the imagination, though they’re a treat nonetheless.

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