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Asus, DFI to add Penryn support to 680i boards

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Posted January 4, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Retail quad-core Penryn support was suppose to be one of the great new things about the nForce 780i chipset, even though the support problems was due to the layout of the NVIDIA reference board and not the chipset itself. Since a few companies have their own layouts, like DFI and ASUS, they decided to get to work on the retail quad-core Penryn support with their nForce 680i boards. And they seem to have solved it. Both DFI and ASUS have beta BIOSes with working retail Penryn support for their nForce 680i-based motherboards DFI LanParty UT NF680i SLI-T2R and ASUS Striker Extreme.

It’s still unsure when, or even if the new BIOS’ will be released to the public – though this will definitely hurt the sales of the 780i SLI, which supports Yorkfield straight out of the box.

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