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American Airlines to join the mile high WiFi club

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Posted January 31, 2008 by admin in News

Passengers of these Boeing 767 will get support for email, VPN, web surfing, however, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephones will not be availble. Prices have not yet been released, however, many believe it will be in the $10 USD neighbourhood.

The WiFi service will be limited to transcontinental US flights at launch, and will eventually be offered for shorter flights. Planes will be outfitted with three antennae, one on the top for GPS and two on the bottom. The broadband signal will come from Aircell’s 92 cellular towers across the continental 48 states that operate on the 3GHz frequency band. The 802.11b/g signal will be distributed throughout the aircraft cabin via evenly spaced access points installed in the ceiling; Aircell claims the surfing experience will be akin to using mobile 3G broadband.

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