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AMD’s TLB erratum fixed: 45nm production in H2

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Posted January 21, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

There also was some positive news on the company?s 45 nm progress. Ruiz said that AMD that 45 nm Opterons have been produced and he is ?pleased? with the initial result. However, he said that the company is targeting a H2 ramp of the 45 nm generation, which indicates that AMD will miss the originally promised mid-2008 launch of the processors. This statement also contradicts Meyer?s statement from the Q3 2007 earnings call that AMD would begin ramping 45 nm CPUs in H1 2008. A late 2008 launch of 45 nm processors appears to be more likely now, which means that the 1-year gap to Intel could remain in place and the company will not be able to gain ground on its rival in terms of the production process.

AMD noted that they intend on doubling their quarter four quad-core production of 400,000 units to roughly 800,000 in quarter one. Additionally, in case you missed the above quote, AMD are “pleased” with their 45nm silicon, and production will start in the second half of this year.

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