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Archive for February 26th, 2021

Sapphire announce single-slot Atomic HD 3870

Not to be confused with the HD 3870 X2, which has dominated headlines these past few days, Sapphire has officially announced their single-slot HD 3870. The board has already been reviewed by two different sources at the start of this month, and it showed very promising results. The board is overclocked to 825MHz/2400MHz DDR, and as already mentioned at the start of this month, comes bundled with The Black Box, a $30 game voucher and a CCL UV lamp.

DDR3 prices set to fall within 10% of DDR2

DRAM makers are reportedly working with Intel to advance their volume production schedule for DDR3 memory, in hopes that it will result in a less than 10% price gap between DDR3 and DDR2 in the second half of 2008. DRAM makers expect that, in the fourth quarter of this year, 30% of new PCs shipping worldwide will be powered by DDR3. They also note that speeding up DDR3 production will "free them from the stiff DDR2 pricing environment".

MSI moving to EFI in next-gen motherboards

I admittedly missed this story when it was fresh last week. MSI is reportedly going to use the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) in their next generation motherboards, and will eventually drop the BIOS system. EFI essentially controls everything found in the BIOS, though it adds support for a mouse, adopts a ?clean? user interface, and offers pre-operating-system applications such as web browsers, mail applications and media players.

GeForce 9800 GX2 pixelated, again

We've already seen two sets of pictures of Nvidia's 9800 GX2, one of which showed the board running in Quad-SLI. Today, some new shots have appeared, and they're not of your everyday 9800 GX2. Yes, it does have two DVI ports, one HDMI port, and an S/PDIF optical audio port, but the arrangement of the PCB's is what makes this board in particular stand out. Unlike previous shots, the two PCB's are facing inwards towards each other, meaning they can share the one cooler.

Radeon HD 3690 for China, and China only

TweakTown has just learned that the Radeon HD 3690 is only intended for the China market, and will not be available in any other country. They leaned this when requesting a review sample. The site note that a possible explanation behind this is that the higher end HD 3850 and 3870 aren't available in China in decent quantities, or even at all, so the HD 3690 will serve as their high-end board. Quite a shock this is, but I guess it sadly makes sense...

Radeon HD 3690 benchmarked, pictured

As AMD only just rolled out the HD 3450, 3470 and 3650, it begs the question as to when the faster HD 3670 and 3690 will appear. A member of Chiphell's forum has recently got his hands on a HD 3690 and ran it through 3DMark 06. The board was clocked at 702MHz for the core and 846MHz for the 256MB of GDDR3 memory, and it scored 8,167 points - nearly double the standard HD 3650, and roughly 2,000 points short of a HD 3850 and 9600 GT.

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