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Archive for February 26th, 2021

The next Battlefield to be free

Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 sales seemed to be catastrophic to some, who declared that PC gaming is dead. Publishers and studios however, will continue to bring games out which are PC only. Electronic Arts want to question this and will be releasing Battlefield Heroes, not only will it work well on laptops and low end desktops, it will be free.

New Far Cry 2 screenshots have been released

techPowerUp! have got their hands on some of the newest Far Cry 2 screenshots. Far Cry 2 will not be taking place on a beach this time, with palm trees and the ocean, it will be taking place in Africa, so you will be in the deserts, savannah’s, jungles and borders of towns. Guns which get damaged will rattle, and the vehicles will have progressive damage until they stop running, or if you can repair them.

Windows 7 leaked?

Windows 7, the next operating system by Microsoft, seems to be available if a post to Neowin's forum is made. A member, with the name Kenipnet posted a message with detailed experiences with the next generation OS, he posted it in the Windows Beta Discussion section on Neowin's forums. He did however say he had to use a S-ATA driver before the installation would continue, but that is expected, as drivers do not usually get bundled until the RC stage.

More Radeon HD 3870 X2 reviews published

This time yesterday, before news about the board's delay surfaced, I'd already mapped today's headlines; "HD 3870 X2 dominates reviews", "AIB's roll out first HD 3870 X2's", "3DMark 06 record busted" and so forth. Instead however, we sit here - perhaps even in denial - with just an empty desk wondering what could have been. Two rebellious sites have rejected that thought though, and published their reviews of the board a tad early.

Next generation GPU war brought forward to Q2

According to DigiTimes, citing a Commercial Times report, AMD and Nvidia have brought the launch of their next generation GPU's forward to the second quarter. The site note that AMD's 55nm RV770 has already shipped to partners, and should arrive by the end of Q2. Nvidia's G100 (D9x) GPU will also arrive around the same time, with production in March. Information on both GPU's is very slim, though the G100 is expected to outperform the dual-GPU 9800 GX2.

First dual-core Celeron shipping, more to follow

Roughly on schedule, Intel has begun shipping the first dual-core Celeron processor. The E1200 is clocked at 1.6GHz, includes 512KB L2 cache, supports an 800MHz FSB, and accompanies a price of US $53. As noted back in December, the chip is identical to the Pentium E2140 (which is worth $64), although it includes half the L2 cache. According to DigiTimes though, another dual-core chip will arrive in Q2 - the 65nm E1400 - which is clocked at 2.0GHz, and includes a 65W TDP.

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