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Archive for February 26th, 2021

The Macbook Air – the worlds thinnest notebook computer

Apple have just released their new ultraportable laptop computer, called the Macbook Air. It contains a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, with an option for a 1.8GHz, a 80GB 4,200RPM hard drive, or a 64G SSD drive. The battery is expected to last 5 hours or so. The front of the notebook is 0.16 inches high and the back tops off at 0.76 inches. It features a full sized keyboard with the same layout as the Mac Pro, the keyboard is backlit and has a black finish. The optional USB Superdrive markets for $99.00 USD.

Mobile Penryn delayed due to defect

Just when Intel's mobile line-up looked unbeatable and flawless, speculation is building that the five mobile CPU's arriving this month have been delayed due to a defective temperature sensor. As reported earlier today, Intel has no less than 20 mobile CPU's slated for half one - 15 of which are arriving in May. Word is that the delayed Penryn chips will slowly start to appear in February - a few weeks after the intended launch. Thanks to Engadget for the tip...

Intel reports record revenue for quarter four ’07

Back in October, Intel reported a record revenue of US $10.1 billion, a 12% increase since the same time the previous year. Today though, they've gone and topped that record with a $10.7 billion revenue in the final quarter of 2007 - that's a 10.5% yearly rise. Intel's net income is currently $2.3 billion, and their gross margain is up from 52.4% in quarter three, to 58% in quarter four. Finally, their operating income is $3 billion, up 105% year-over-year.

Intel prepare fifteen Montevina mobile CPU’s

Intel has already announced five new notebook processors at CES which are scheduled to arrive this month, though according to DigiTimes, they have an additional fifteen CPU's lined-up for May this year. Dubbed "Montevina", seven of the processors listed have regular 35mm package sizes, while eight will be aimed at small-form-factor PC's with a 22mm package size. The chip's details can be seen in the table on the right. Additionally, the five mobile CPU's arriving this month are highlighted in the table underneath.

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