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Archive for February 26th, 2021

Zotac GeForce 8400GS based on G98 unveiled

Zotac is a graphics card manufacturer to unveil a graphics card built on the G98 core. It is designed for HTPCs, where high end graphics is not demanded, and it will remain a NVIDIA GeForce 8 series card.

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 RC refresh released

Windows users who installed Windows Vista SP1 RC to their PC might like to know a refresh of SP1 has been released to the public. Microsoft originally released the patch earlier this week to 15,000 beta testers, but on Friday, they allowed anyone to download and apply it. It can be downloaded here.

More GeForce 9500GT details appear

TomsHardware (via Fudzilla) have got some detailed information about the new NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT, it however, does not look as promising as the 9600GT. The graphics card is going to go under the G96-300 name, and the card looked at is clocked at 650MHz with the shaders at 1.65GHz.

Intel Skulltrail board arriving early February

We haven't heard much about Skulltrail - Intel's dual socket-771 platform - since news about the preparation of the Core 2 Extreme QX9775. Today though, according to Tech ARP, Intel will launch their D5400XS motherboard - which supports the dual Xeon setup - in early February. The board's two nForce 100 MCP northbridge chips allow it to support up to four PCI Express x16 slots. That, along with a 10-layer PCB, contribute to a starting price of US $600.

Toshiba cuts prices on third-generation HD DVD players

Possibly as a result of Warner Bros, New Line Cinema's and and Universal's plans to drop the format later in the year, Toshiba has cut the prices of their third-generation HD DVD player lineup. Effective last Sunday, the entry-model HD-A3 now costs $149.99, down from $299.99 - the HD-A30, which previously cost $399.99, is now priced at $199.99 - and finally the high-end HD-A35 is now worth $299.99, down from $499.99.

First GeForce 9600 GT review published

We've already seen some 3DMark 06 benchmarks using the unannounced 9600 GT, and heard from a Nvidia representative that it will perform almost double the 8600 GT. Today though, a full review of the board has been published. Generally speaking, the 9600 GT's performance is on par with its predecessor - the 8800 GS - give or take a few frames. In comparison to the HD 3850, the 9600 GT trails by 1.3 FPS in NFS: ProStreet, but compensates for the loss in UT3 with a 16.4 FPS lead...

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