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Archive for February 26th, 2021

Unika prepare custom cooled Radeon HD 3870 X2

Closely resembling the GPU version of the Thermaltake DuOrb cooler (the unreleased CPU derivative can be seen here), Unika seem to have come up with a custom cooling solution for the forthcoming Radeon HD 3870 X2. I think we can safely say the word "dual" would be most appropriate when referring to Unika's creation - what with the dual fans taking up dual slots (maybe even dual ball bearings, too). If all goes well, we should be able to get our hands on this board next month.

Nvidia details Hybrid SLI at CES

Hybrid SLI was first introduced in July 2006 under the name "SLI Power". Nearly a year later, Nvidia renamed the concept to Hybrid SLI and advertised it as a notebook selling point. Today at CES though, the company has finally announced that the power-saving feature will be coming to desktops in the near future. To do this, Nvidia plans on embedding an integrated GPU into all new AMD chipsets this quarter, and to Intel chipsets in quarter two.

Intel mount-up 45nm assault – sixteen processors announced

Paul Otellini - CEO at Intel - took the stage at CES to announce sixteen new processors based on the 45nm Penryn architecture. The three Yorkfield and four Wolfdale processors were accompanied by five mobile and four Xeon parts - all of which are detailed in the table on the right. Intel lists the processors availability as "January" for all mobile and dual-core Wolfdale parts, while the "quarter one" listed next to all the Yorkfield and Xeon parts points to the rumored February/March delay.

Fujitsu introduces a handful of 45nm laptops

Fujitsu introduces a new range of 45nm laptop computers, they will be running the Intel Hi-K Processor, also known as Penryn. More details can be found at engadget.

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