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Archive for February 26th, 2021

ATi to Reveal the Mobility Radeon HD 3000 at CES

ATi are to reveal their newest mobility graphics cards at the 2008 CES (Consumer Electric Show). It will bring visualizations and interface features never seen before on a notebook computer and also adds a new graphics shader support, techPowerUp! reports.

Alienware curved display rocks at 2880×900

Alienware released a prototype 2880x900 curved double-wide LCD monitor and will apparently be available in the second half of 2008 Engadget reports.

Intel Wolfdale processor packaging revealed

TechConnect has hunted down the packaging Intel's 45nm dual-core Wolfdale CPU's will supposedly be born in. The new packaging is designed to aid people in distinguishing the new 45nm parts from the 65nm Conroe CPUs - hence the stronger blue color scheme. The case sticker bundled with the CPU's appears to have remained the same, along with the design's basic layout. Intel has however added a green sticker to the bottom of the box reinforcing the 45nm technology used.

Sapphire announces Radeon HD 3850 AGP

Following in the footsteps of PowerColor - who just recently launched their HD 3850 PCS AGP - Sapphire has announced their variation of the AGP HD 3850. Unlike PowerColor, who severely underclocked the board, Sapphire has set the clocks to 700MHz/846MHz - still conservative in regards to the reference clocks (720MHz/900Mhz), though slightly higher than PowerColor's 668MHz/828MHz. Clocks aside, the board is a standard HD 3850 with no additional frills.

Introduction to Nehalem – slides and information

Intel's next microarchitecture - Nehalem - has been detailed over at HKEPC (via NordicHardware). Nehalem will introduce several new features including integrated memory and PCI Express controllers, as well as house the homecoming of HyperThreading. The quad-core versions of Nehalem will go by the names Gainestown and Bloomfield, while the eight-core derivative (with sixteen threads) will be known as Beckton. Nehalem will use socket 1366 and 1160...

GeForce 9800 GX2 pictured in Quad-SLI

Following on from the pictures posted last week, some new shots of the 9800 GX2 have surfaced - although this time there's more pictures and detail. The board hasn't lost any weight, and it only has one SLI connector. It has, however, gained a HDMI port, and apparently has a six and an eight-pin PCIe power connector. Among noting that a 580W PSU is recommended for a single card, the site have a picture of the board operating in Quad-SLI on a 790i SLI board.

Sharp are to sell 108″ LCDs this year

Sharp, a Japanese electronic manufacturer will sell 108″ LCD Televisions later this year, executives announced to the CES Show on Sunday. They also said that Sharp have delivered a 65″ LCD TV which was an incredible 1″ thick and weighed roughly 23% less than the older model. The 65″ television at the time of reporting is still a prototype, ZDNet reports.

Samsung produces 128GB MLC SDD

Two months ago, it was 64GB, today, 128GB! The 128GB drive has a promised read speed of 100mb/s and a write speed of 70mb/s. Performance, unfortunately has dropped since the 64GB versions. Expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars for a 128gb drive, Dailytech reports. These drives will be available in the first half of 2008.

Thermaltake DuOrb cooler sneak preview

This year at the CES 2008 (America's Biggest Consumer Electric Show) Thermaltake will be bringing you the latest in technology, one of the items they will be showing off is the revolutionary DuOrb CPU cooler, VR-Zone reports.

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