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Archive for February 26th, 2021

Hitachi announce first 500GB 2.5″ hard drive

Hitachi has launched the world's highest capacity 2.5" hard drive, alias the Travelstar 5K500. Among the 5400 RPM speed and 8MB buffer, Hitachi claim the drive has a seek time of 12 ms and an operating noise level of 24dB. Instead of the conventional two platters, the 500GB capacity is achieved by using three platters with a 260Gb/in? areal density. However, as Engadget point out, the extra platter has increased the drive's thickness from 9.5 mm to 12.5 mm, resulting in the drive not fitting in most notebooks and enclosures...

Asus, DFI to add Penryn support to 680i boards

The ruthless reality that Yorkfield processors won't work on nearly all nForce 680i boards only became official in late November when Nvidia commented by saying a physical circuit change of the reference boards would be required in order to gain support. However, companies like Asus and DFI, who don't use Nvidia's reference design, has released beta BIOS' for the ASUS Striker Exteme and DFI LanParty UT NF680i SLI-T2R that reportedly allow the boards to operate correctly with Intel's quad-core Yorkfield processors.

Corsair announces 32GB Flash Survivor, Voyager

Corsair has announced that they will debut the 32GB version of their rubber-cased Flash Voyager and aluminum-enclosed Survivor USB flash drives at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 in Las Vegas next week. Corsair suggest that the 32GB capacity is capable of storing 16 high-definition movies, or a full season of a TV show. The press-release notes that the 32GB Voyager and Survivor will retail at US $229 and $249 respectively, and both include a 10-year warranty.

GeForce 9600 GT performs “almost double” the 8600 GT, apparently

According to DailyTech, who cite a representative from Nvidia, the GeForce 9600 GT will boast "almost double" the performance of the 8600 GT. This initially sounds somewhat optimistic on Nvidia's behalf, however the site quote that the board's memory bandwidth is 57.6 GB/s (the same as the 8800 GT, which is indeed over double the 8600 GT's) and its texture fill rate is an estimated 20.8 billion pixels per second. That's not all though - DailyTech also believe that the core, memory and shader speeds are now 650MHz, 900MHz and 1,625MHz, respectively.

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