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Archive for February 26th, 2021

Single-slot Sapphire Atomic HD 3870 reviewed

Sapphire's Atomic HD 3870 - which uses "Vapor Chamber Technology" to achieve a single-slot design while maintaining temps lower than that of the stock cooler - has been prematurely reviewed over at Overclockers Club and DriverHeaven. The board's higher clocks of 825MHz/2400MHz DDR (as opposed to 775MHz/2250MHz DDR) contribute, among many speed improvements, to a 3DMark 06 score of 11,255 - quite a bump from the 10,493 of a stock HD 3870.

Tripe-core Phenom’s to debut in March

According to DigiTimes, AMD will now release the first triple-core Phenom processors in March. The first chips to arrive - the 2.1GHz 8400 and 2.3GHz 8600 - will be based on the B2 revision, which unlike B3, doesn't include the TLB erratum workaround. The B3 revision chips - the 8650 and 8450 - will supposedly roll-out sometime in the second quarter, and feature the same clocks as their B2 counterparts.

AMD’s quad-core Phenom’s pushed back, further

The launch of AMD's quad-core Phenom processors has been reportedly pushed back to the second quarter of this year. Previously scheduled for early 2008, the source of the delay is apparently because AMD is yet to solve the translation lookaside buffer (TLB) erratum found in the higher-end chips; the 2.4GHz 9700 and 2.6GHz 9900. AMD commented saying they had not made any official announcement regarding a delay.

More GeForce 8800 GS benchmarks, specs

Since first being reported here, some new information and benchmarks regarding Nvidia's 8800 GS has surfaced. Thanks to Expreview, we are now lead to believe that the board has only 96 shader processors - not the previously believed 112 of the 8800 GT. The benchmarks published suggest that the 8800 GT has an average 27% performance advantage over the 384MB 8800 GS. As expected, the GT shines at higher resolutions with a 38.7% advantage in 3DMark 06 at 1680x1050, 8xAA, 16xAF.

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