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Archive for February 26th, 2021

3DMark 08 screenshots were bogus

It appears that the 3DMark 08 screenshots reported here, were sadly counterfeit (kudos to Fudzilla for the pickup). Turns out some of the images posted belong to independent 3D artists, and the originals have now been located. Not all of the images have been proven fake however, and some may be genuine shots from the next-generation benchmark, although only time will tell...

Nvidia to reduce 8800 GT’s PCB layers, lower price

Nvidia has reportedly asked their partners to reduce the number of PCB layers used in the 8800 GT from ten to six. This will ineffect lower the board's manufacturing costs by an estimated US $10 per-board - allowing it to better compete with the Radeon 3870 - which since launch has brought AMD's market share up to 30%. Nvidia noted that the card redesign was only a suggestion, and card makers will not be forced to implement the change.

PowerColor prepares Radeon HD 3850 for AGP

2008: the year of Penryn, Phenom, QuadFire, Skulltrail and... errr... AGP... As Fudzilla report, PowerColor are preparing their AGP version of the HD 3850. Dubbed the HD 3850 PCS AGP, the board runs at somewhat more conservative clocks of 668MHz/828MHz - as opposed to the 720MHz/900Mhz of the PCIe counterpart. While the board lacks an integrated HDMI connector, PowerColor did include their "Professional Cooling System" (hence the PCS in the board's name).

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