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American Airlines to join the mile high WiFi club

American Airlines, the worlds largest airline, are going to start testing WiFI on some of its Boeing 767 airplanes. The American Airlines Boeing 767 is a long haul plane which typically flies to non major airports in Europe, and also on cross-country flights across America and Hawaii. American Airlines plans to begin offering WiFi on all of American Airlines Boeing 767-200s by the end of the year.

Inno3D to sell ATI graphics cards using Force3D brand

Pczilla.net has started to report some information about Inno3D, who market and sell nVidia graphics cards. They believe that the company could begin selling ATi cards in the near future, with a brand name of Force3D. The source note that these are just rumours, though it now seems to be fact as the Force3D website has just appeared (though it’s currently down).

PowerColor design slimmer HD 3870 X2

PowerColor has just unveiled a HD 3870 X2 that appears to have lost some weight. Its aluminum cooler is a single slot design, though unfortunately the board does still occupy two slots. This is due to accommodating the third and fourth DVI connector. The board's length has also had a date with the chainsaw. PowerColor note that this is due to the relocation of the PLX chip (the bridge between the two cores); as it doesn't require any cooling, it's been pushed lower.

Intel E8500 breaks 8s in Super Pi 1MB

Intel's quad-core Yorkfield has already gone on several record-breaking rampages, though the dual-core derivative hasn't yet had the same chance to prove itself. German overclocker Monteboy has recently broken 8 seconds in SuperPi 1MB - not a world record for SuperPi, though still very promising. As the multiplier is limited and won't surpass 9.5, he was forced to raise the FSB to 609MHz - totaling a clock of 5789MHz. In the end, the system scored 7.895s.

GeForce 9600 GT benchmarked in SLI

We've already seen various single-card benchmarks of Nvidia's upcoming 9600 GT. Today though, the board has been benchmarked in SLI. To be brief, the test system consisted of an E6850 coupled to an nForce 680i SLI board. In 3DMark 06, a single board scored 10,036. When adding a second board, the score rises to 13,080 - that's higher than a single 8800 Ultra's score of 12,142 points. This trend continues across all the benchmarks published.

Windows 7…. Not till 2011

Microsoft have shattered many peoples dreams when they denied recent claims that the next Windows operating system would be released as early as next year. About 10 days ago, TG Daily cited many industry sources saying the next version of Windows was to launch in 2009, however, 2009 seems to be quite different to Microsoft's actual plans.

GeForce 9800 GX2 sprung naked

In amongst the HD 3870 X2 launch, we thought it necessary to do a 9800 GX2 story, just to keep the Nvidians happy. The last round of photo's of Nvidia's upcoming dual-GPU board revealed that the two PCB's face inwards towards each other, and today's shots are no exception to this. For the first time, the pictures show the board's G92-450 GPU and Samsung GDDR3 memory chips, as well as give us an insight as to how the cooling system works.

Radeon HD 3870 X2 launched

After lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of hype, including the delay from January 23rd to the 28th, the Radeon HD 3870 X2 has finally seen the light of day. The two RV670 cores are clocked at 825MHz, while the memory operates at 900MHz. For reference, the HD 3870 is clocked at 775MHz/1125MHz. AMD suggests that their new "gold standard" for gamers will have a retail price of US $449 - still cheaper than two HD 3870's.

AMD to showcase Phenom CPU’s at CeBIT ’08

Although the TLB erratum found in AMD's Phenom processors has been supposedly fixed, the faster Phenom 9700 (2.4GHz) and 9900's (2.6GHz) launch dates remain pushed back into the second quarter. DigiTimes now reports that AMD will showcase the aforementioned CPU's at CeBIT 2008 in March, along with the 9100e. The site notes that no exact shipping date has been revealed, though the sources don't deny that an official launch at CeBIT is quite feasible.

GeForce 9800 GX2 and next-gen chipsets delayed?

If Expreview have their facts straight, some of Nvidia's upcoming products have been delayed - the most important of which is the 9800 GX2. The nForce 780a, 750a, 790i and 790i Ultra were also on the list. The site don't specify a reason for the setback, nor the new date they'll supposedly arrive on. They did, however, guess that the Chinese new year holiday may be to blame, though nothing has been set in stone. Nvidia's 9600 GT was also recently delayed.

AMD’s Fusion to use Phenom core, not Bulldozer

AMD's Fusion platform - which combines the CPU and GPU into the one piece of silicon - has been a hot topic of discussion ever since the ATI merger. The CPU half of Fusion was originally going to use a new core named Bulldozer, though at a recent financial analyst day meeting, AMD suggested that Fusion will initially "use existing CPU core and GPU core technologies". AMD has now confirmed that Fusion will be a dual-core design based on the existing Phenom core, and not Bulldozer.

Sunday Sampler [27-01-08]

The bid for the 700MHz spectrum - which is currently used to transfer analog television signals - has just reached $3.7 billion. US television broadcasts will be forced to abandon the spectrum in February 2009, when digital broadcasts will become standard. "Consumer groups have said the spectrum represents the "last, best hope" for a nationwide wireless broadband network that competes with cable and telecom broadband services."

Futuremark launches 3DMark bang for the buck meter

Futuremark have announced a full release of the 'Price and Performance Information Page.' It is available at YouGamers.com, this service gives you the information which tells you what components are the best bang for the buck.

Radeon HD 3870 X2 tested in Crossfire

We've already seen various reviews published around the net of the HD 3870 X2, though none of them tested the board in Crossfire. TomsHardware China has now done so, though before I say anything else, it should be noted that the drivers do not fully support Quad-Crossfire at the present time, so the following benchmarks are for kicks only. Nevertheless, the setup scored 20,687 in 3DMark 05 (1024x768), and 16,595 in 06 (1280x1024).

Sparkle unveil Calibre 8800 GT with LCD display

The Calibre P888+ isn't the first board from Sparkle to include their GPD2 daughter display - which shows temperatures, voltages and fan speeds etc - as they also recently unveiled a similar 8600 GTS. The screen isn't the board's only selling point though, as it also includes a heatpipe-based cooler with two 80mm fans (resulting in a dual-slot design). The card is factory overclocked to 675MHz/1000MHz, with the shaders operating at 1728Mhz.

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