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Introducing the Sunday Sampler

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Posted December 2, 2007 by admin in Internet

Motorola CEO Ed Zander will step down by the end of the year to be replaced by Greg Brown, the current president and chief operating officer of the company. “If you look at the company’s performance the last year and beyond, it’s no surprise at all,” said Ellen Daley, a Forrester Research analyst. “And when the numbers came out that Samsung surpassed Motorola as the No. 2 device maker, it didn’t bode well for Ed.”

The PS3’s sales has surpassed that of the Wii’s for the second week in a row in Japan. “The PlayStation 3 outsold the Wii by just over 3,000 units. That would make it the second consecutive week that the PS3 has managed to top the Wii, though both are beaten soundly by the DS Lite and PlayStation Portable.”

Sales of the PlayStation 3 experienced a 245 percent jump in the week of November 18-24 compared to the previous week. “While Black Friday draws out armies of shoppers, Sony said that the sudden surge of sales was largely due to the price cuts introduced on October 18.”

Fudzilla reports that the current G92 shortages will run into next year. “Sources close to company have said that they have sold every single one, that partners simply want more and the financial figures are great.”

On that matter, Tech Report has hunted down the retailers who still have 8800 GT’s in stock. “TigerDirect was the only e-tailer with GeForce 8800 GTs in stock in our search, while Buy.com listed none of the cards at all”.

Nintendo’s DS has set a new record for the most sales in a single week in the UK.“Some 191,000 DS Lites were sold units during week 47 – the seven days up to 24 November. The console took the crown from Sony?s PSP, which until now had held the record”.

The transistor has turned 60 this month. “Sixty years ago this month, scientists at Bell Labs demonstrated the most important invention of the 20th century: the first real transistor.”

Finally, Yahoo and Adobe has teamed up to implement ads into the popular PDF format. “Ads within the PDFs would appear in a side panel and would only be viewable by those using Adobe’s readers, as to not disrupt the viewing experience. Ads would be dynamically matched to the content within the PDF, Adobe said.”

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