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GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB reviewed early

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Posted December 1, 2007 by admin in News

It shouldn?t come as any real surprise that the new G92 based 8800GTS is quite the performer. This really opens up a whole lot of questions though, and how exactly NVIDIA attack the market with this card will be interesting as well. NVIDIA always takes pride in having stock when the NDA is lifted, and it doesn?t look like this is going to be any different. A few suppliers have told us that they have ordered their stock and come December 11th they will be shipping their cards off to the local retailers. This is all good and well, but the 8800GT had stock for about five minutes. Will we see the same issue with the new 8800GTS 512MB? Well, for starters the card is going to cost about $50 – $100 USD more than the RRP of the 8800GT. The problem is that the 8800GT is in such short supply that the card?s price has been jacked up $50 – $75 USD meaning that the card could almost come in at the same price.

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