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AMD’s BIOS fix for TLB erratum slows down Phenom, further

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Posted December 8, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The full results, including Photoshop CS2, Firefox, WinZip 10 and various SiSoft Sandra tests, can be found over at The Tech Report.

The most troubling results here are the applications where we see large performance drops with the TLB erratum workaround active, including the Firefox web browser and the picCOLOR image analysis tool. If one happens to spend a lot of time running an application whose memory access patterns don’t mix well with the TLB patch, the result could prove frustrating. The BIOS-based workaround for the TLB erratum may achieve its intended result?system stability?but it comes at a pretty steep price in terms of performance… As we’ve reported elsewhere, AMD does plan to fix the TLB erratum with a new revision of its quad-core chip due some time in mid-to-late Q1 of 2008. Once the new revision is available, the Phenom 9500 and 9600 will be replaced by the 9550 and 9650, with the -50 suffix denoting the updated silicon and higher performance. Most users will want to wait until those new Phenom models are available before paying full price for a Phenom processor or a system based on one.

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