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Tri-SLI only offers a 26% improvment over SLI at high-res

Posted November 18, 2007 by admin in News

Using the Forceware 167.10 3-way SLI beta drivers on Windows Vista, we need to tune up the AA/AF to actually see the performance differences between 2-way and 3-way SLI. We got a 26% improvement in 3DMark06 at 1920×1440 resolution, 8 sample AA with 16x AA Quality and 16x AF over 2-way SLI. Without AA/AF, we got only a 5.6% performance boost. Nvidia is still working hard to enhance the 3-way SLI drivers further so we hope to see a bigger FPS boost in latest games which are more GPU intensive with better multi-GPU support. So make sure you run those intensive games to high resolutions like 1920×1440 or 2560×1600 etc with all the image quality settings to the max to enjoy full benefits of a 3-way SLI setup.


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