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Radeon HD 3870 X2 pictured in Crossfire and more

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Posted November 18, 2007 by admin in News

We were patient enough to ask the AMD guys to take the cards out and David, the Product Manager for this baby, as well as Ian, agreed that we can take detailed pictures of these cards. We managed to get some quite exclusive pictures of these cards here. The two chips have their own memory, two power connectors, and each card has a single Crossfire bridge; not two that you can see with 3870 cards, but probably one of the bridges is built in internally on the card. If all goes well the driver will come in January and so will the cards. The hardware looks quite ready, we touched the cooler, it is not that bad, but we are still talking about 200+W for a single card. Well, that’s the power price of performance.

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